Button Punching Machine DY70

Button Punching Machine DY70

  • Brand Dayi DY70
  • Origin China

Apply Button:

Working Depth:100mm
Working Speed:160pc/min

Applies to:

Sprong snap button Rivetsnap fasteners Snap fastener Eyelet grommet and so on.


1. By changing the mold parts can be loaded with other buttons;
2. The mechanical travel:the next fixed,stamping down the mold; 
3. Automatic feeding button to the upper and lower mold,hand-free button to put the risk of safety does not hurt the hand; 
4. With automatic buffer device,fabric thickness without adjustingthe mold height; 
5. Playing the whole button speed 4~6 times a day to play buttons 15000~35000 material; 
6. It is equipped with two modes of singles and even playing,which is suitablefor different workers'demands and improves work efficiency; 
7. Equipped with anti-injury hand distance sensor function,anti-wound handsensing distance height adjustable:5-15mm.
8. Jeans button,snap buttons,rivet or nail surface pattern can check the directionof the letter,the deviation angle is t2o.(Need to change the button)

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