Automatic Collar Cutting and Sewing Machine DY-LWP1-9000C

Automatic Collar Cutting and Sewing Machine DY-LWP1-9000C

  • Brand Dayi DY-LWP1-9000C
  • Origin China

Main Function

Two piece automatic feeding at the same time
Two piece automatic cutting at the same time
Sewing Length can be programmable
Two piece automatic sewing at the same time
Two piece automatic receiving at the same time
Automatic stop when there is no material
Automatic stop when the thread broken
Automatic stop when no bottom thread

Customize counter
One or two piece sewing can be change easily.

Model DY-LWP1-9000C
Sewing Head (JUKI) JUKI DDL9000CSMSNBAK 154-GG
Head Speed 4500 RPM
Sewing Width
Sewing Line Distance 1mm-5mm
Mininum Sewing Circumference 16cm
Apply to the fabric Various ribbon fabric
Cutting way Cooling knife cutting
Sewing size storage 999 piece
Sewing Production 1200 piece/hour (28 needles)

This product is a ribbon fabric splicing machine,which is specially used for automatic splicingT- topper.

  * Easy to operate,no need skill workers.
  * One person can operate 3 or 5 machines at the same time.
  * Using ordinary equipment,Skilled workers can finish 8 pieces with cutting and sewing in one minute,up to 3000 pieces in 8 hours.
  * Using automatic splicing T-topper machine can sew 18pieces in one minute,one woker(not skilled worker)can operate up to 5 machines.
  * If one person operates 1 machine for 8 hours,it can sew 7000 pieces.If operated 3 machines for 8 hours,it can sew about 20000 pieces.Using one machine can save 7 labors.

Basic Function Description

Needle DBX1/7-16#
Power 0.5KW
Voltage Standard single phase AC220V
Control system Self-programmable sequence control system
Air capacity 0.5MPa (72PSI) 50L/min
Shape size L120cmxW139cmxH118cm
Packing size L135cmxW156cmxH128cm
Net weight 218kg
Gross weight 279kg

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